Welcome to SENIOR year! This is the year you will create memories and special moments to celebrate the END OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! Your senior year — only happens once! Your senior photo experience is a big part of this journey! 

Your senior portraits will be around for generations! One thing I like to impress on my clients is to actually PRINT your photos instead of trusting them to be around on a drive or a phone that can be corrupted or become outdated. I do this for you in many different forms. Albums, prints, wall portraits.
I still have my grandparents school photos that are over 100 years old! I treasure them! So, if there was ever a time to take professional photos, and to have professional products made and printed, this is the time!

Together we will create an EXPERIENCE where we plan the perfect session for you! It is so important for me to capture the very essence of your  personality...the serious, funny, quirky, sporty, fashionista or whoever you are. I love it when seniors tell their story in their photos by including what's important to you! What do you love, what are you involved in? Let's document it and make it something you'll treasure for years to come.

Let's start planning your session today. Don't delay because I only take a limited number of seniors each year and appointments book quickly. If you want the best date, book early!

Your senior year only comes once, and photos last a lifetime, so let's make it count!

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